Where to find Snow Sports gear in Singapore?

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Fortunately for us Singaporeans (or unfortunately in this case), we only have 4 seasons a year – hot, hotter, even hotter, and sibei hot. I don’t particularly fancy it all year round, and hence, I realized my holidays are always based in colder countries/seasons.

That said, it is impossible to do ANY snow sports  in Singapore – with the exception of the new Snow Sports school (UrbanSki/SnowQuest) that popped up recently. I’ve been skiing/snowboarding on a few occasions to Perisher and Threadbo mostly, while living in Australia, but never knew what a great snow season is, until I tried Niseko. The powder snow is amazing for snowboarders and hence the term, Niseko hounds!!!

I decided to write this post to assist new and existing snowboarders/skiers who are struggling to look for their gears while in Singapore. The million dollar question – Where to find snow sports gear in Singapore? This was my toughest challenge since i left Australia!

Here are some essentials to note!

  1. Heat Pads
    • DAISO! This is the best place to find cheap and reliable heat pads. I find the smallest sizes particularly useful to have in your gloves to prevent your fingers from freezing (I never managed to keep my gloves dry after every run). Note though, the pads might run out of stock really quick during the last quarter of the year. If that is the case, try Qoo10. Reasonably priced too.
  2. Snowboard Boots
    • eBay: Log on to www.ebay.com.sg and search for it. You can get quite a good deal sometimes as we Asians are typically smaller in foot sizes! It is important to add the .sg at the back, to ensure that the order to Singapore can be accurately fulfilled by eBay’s shipping.
  3. Snowboard/Skis
    • eBay: as above
    • Carousell: I don’t like this platform, however, if you get lucky, you can get older boards for a really good deal! Believe it or not, I first bought my board, boots, and bag on Carousell for just $50!!! Of course, that depends on your luck.
    • Onsite: DO NOT BUY FROM THE SKI SHOPS NEAR THE SLOPES. Obviously. Go a bit further out of town and you can find past-season snowboards and skis on sale. So far, I haven’t been very successful though.
  4. Snow Jackets/Pants
    • Amazon: You need to check if the seller ships to Singapore, or you can use comgateway/borderlinx to fulfil the forwarding. I don’t recommend vPost at all, as their charges are exorbitant.
    • Taobao: If you are a newbie, or if you don’t know if you like the sport, just got for this option. Do note, there maybe 100 others wearing the same thing as you on the slopes (exaggerating but may be true!)
    • Carousell: as above, second-hand ski/snowboard clothings may be worth while to buy!
  5. Helmet
    • Amazon: You may need a forwarder, but there’s a really good starting option (called lucky bums) that is so cheap to get as compared to elsewhere. Definitely worth the investment.

Other snow sports gear you might want to consider would be a spine guard. I found this to be incredibly handy when you are going to Australia where the snow is more icy than powdery. The falls I get in Australia are far worst than those in Niseko… Demon snow is a good brand to buy but you will also need a forwarder for it. Gloves and googles – get it on discount on-location or check out cheap ones on Carousell/eBay. They are a tad easier to find since the sizes are quite generic.

Take note that shipping will take a bit of time from all over the world, and it is highly recommended you start browsing at least 2 months before your time to ensure ample time for your gear to arrive from overseas.

Hopefully you will be well-prepared for the trip as rentals can get a tad expensive in Niseko especially!

Till then… Ciaos!



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