Fitness Review: SNSC Level 1 Certification @ Kinetics

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YAY! We (my rock climbing monkeys and I) are finally certified to belay!


The story goes… we first went to Onsight (since it is the biggest indoor climbing gym) and wanted to try rock climbing – absolute idiots. Went there without a belayer, paid the entry fees, did nothing, went to climb central because we had no idea how to do that. After doing a few trips to Climb Central and got bored, we decided to take a day off on the weekend to try the certification course at Kinetics.

Kinetics┬áis a nice and cozy bouldering gym (a rock climbing technique) in Serangoon area. I find it non-pretentious and very “boutique” like. We attended the one-day course on a Saturday. It was good fun!

The course is done in 2 parts.


The first part is all about safety and introducing the tools for rock climbing/belaying. The instructor showed us how to tie a safe “Figure 8” knot for the climber and roping into the belay device.


The second part is more hands-on, as we practice tying the knot, belaying our partner, and also someone heavier than our own weight (to learn how to counter balance).

The whole course took about 5 – 6 hours (half a day or so), and at the end of it, we were all awarded with a Level 1 SNSC certification!

The instructor is quite strict about passing the students but I feel that it is necessary since it is really a matter of life and death (or part injury) once we exit the grounds. There was a strong focus on safety and trust, the essence of belaying. He really gave us a good training and we all felt very confident after!

My sis was the one who recommended me to go for this SNSC Level 1 course at Kinetics (I believe she did her research too) and I highly persuade everyone interested in this sport (or want to get started) to do this course regardless of your rock climbing experience. It taught me a lot in those short hours, which I could never have learnt at the rock climbing gyms (those people giving you safety briefings/introduction to the gym are not professionals at the sport most times). It didn’t matter whether y

That said, we can now conquer the Onsight walls!



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