Fitness Tip: Do you have a fitness goal?

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If you don’t already have one, you should.

I was inspired to write this post the other day by 2 people. First – the “sage”, and second – Dr Kim.

I got injured myself recently during a Body Attack class (sprained my ankle), and for the past month, I couldn’t do ANY exercises that had impact on my ankle. That said, it REALLY sadden me dearly that all I could do now was upper body training, elliptical machines and spin classes. How boring. It was a nightmare (and it still is) for me.

Since then, I’ve been told so many times by so many people, things like “you shouldn’t have gone so hard” and “who told you to do so much high impact classes/cardio” but really, people… I only injured myself because I…

Tripped over someone’s yoga mat in class.


I am so sick of people telling me what I should have and shouldn’t have done… until one day, sage asked me: “What are your fitness goals?”

I replied a series of standard and ideal answers like “I want my abs” and “I need to lose my love handles”, but honestly, that didn’t matter.

Instead, I learnt two things from the sage that mattered.

  1. Getting stronger/fitter than yesterday
  2. Coming out of it with NO injuries

I didn’t realize how these 2 things would be important to me until now.

This post may be just a random thought in my head but hey, it only came to me today, after 28 years of existing in life. Hopefully, my readers would give it a thought as well, and make it part of your daily goal. 🙂

Peace out, xo.


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