Fitness Review: Rockclimbing at Climb Central Kallag Wave

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Rockclimbing, the new trend in Singapore lately. You see girlies and groupies doing this activity more often than before now, and you think to yourself – why not?

So I spent last Saturday trying out this new ‘sport’ (on top of my regular morning Yoga classes). It wasn’t a very successful morning for us since we first went to ONsight at Guillemard and realised that none of us could belay (properly with a certificate). We then decided to take our arses to do rockclimbing at Climb Central Kallang Wave instead.

Since 2 out of 4 of us are new, we had to pay $10 more on top of the public entry fee to ‘join’ climb central. In exchange, your first harness and shoe rental comes free. We decided on Kallang Wave since there was no need for a belayer (the one who tightens your rope while you hang and climb), went through the 15 mins safety briefing, and taadaa – we were on to our first climb.


Being the scaredy-cats we were, my friends and went for the manual belaying first. Well, we really couldn’t trust the auto-belayer machine after all that terminator movie – ok, I kid.

This was what happened to Sufi (one of my GFs) when she went all the way up on the Auto-belayer at first…

Hanging there for about a minute, not knowing whether to jump… and then…

I have a fear of heights and that’s my biggest challenge to date on most of my choice of sports – Snow boarding particularly, and now Rock-climbing. The greatest difficulty of the auto belayer system is really having to trust your gut and let go when you reach the top. Take my advice – Don’t look down!!! You’ll feel a bit of free-falling but you will get pass that easy after the first jump.

That’s when the fun starts…

WhatsApp-Image-20160709 (1)

I think I’m starting to like rock climbing given how easy it is to just stroll in, rent a pair of shoes and harness and climb, no fuss, no frills but it is a bit expensive for a day sport. My GFs and I really tried making the best of our bucks but it gets quite crowded over the weekend afternoons and you might have to queue for a bit. That aside, it really works your upper body and you’ll be amazed that the people who do well at rock climbing are not your muscular men, but the smaller the physique, the more agile you might be! In all, I think it’s great for ladies, except – watch your manicure!


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